One of the most important roles within the web project development lifecycle is the one we identify as a Web designer.

Web design means, literally, designing websites, taking care of the development of a project on the web intended to communicate content to the user. Definition, this, that leaves a little time that it finds if you do not go to investigate the skills involved in a web design work, if you do not face the functions of a web interface, if you do not turn all the attention, when you make web design, to the expectations of those who use a site. The user, then, recipient of the work of the web designer.

Those who work mainly in the backend, that is, behind a site, are predominantly the programmer, a developer, with his hands "under the hood", on servers and databases, expert in programming languages such as PHP or ASP to name the best known.

Managing the frontend, what the user sees of a site, is the exclusive preserve of the designer, web designer in this case, who is in charge of creating the graphics, applying it to the web and making it accessible to all the needs of the browser. And this is where the difficulties due to the variety of operating systems, browsers, devices, sizes, behaviors come into play.

Our expertise, experience and deep knowledge of all aspects in the creation of a website guarantee:

  • simplicity and immediacy of navigation, thus optimize the usability of the product;
  • user orientation, prevent it from getting lost, provide visual guides to channel their experience;
  • fly the visitor's click quickly and without delay towards the goal.

Put us to the test and you won't be disappointed.