Web Opportunities

Ease of use, high accessibility and low implementation costs have made the WWW (World Wide Web) service definitely one of the best known and used digital data exchange protocols of the modern era. So used by changing some people's customs and customs.

This context must necessarily be taken into account by companies that want to establish an effective, economic and productive relationship with customers, potential or acquired. Web services are the key services that a company needs to implement within its technology infrastructure and, most importantly, in its sales and service network.

Web Offer

Novatica, with its technological know-how and experience in the field, is able to develop ad hoc solutions for the most varied e-business needs:

  • websites made with the latest applications to make them accessible on the go through smartphones and tablets.
  • business portal for an interactive internet relationship with your customers;
  • enterprise information portal for web sharing of company information assets;
  • e-commerce to have a virtual store always open and able to trade with the whole world;
  • e-consultant to create a direct thread always active with its customers.

All "web applications" are designed and built with Client/Server architecture using the Three-Tier paradigm. Complete with the management (back-office, private) and content (front-office, public) functionality, they support both Linux and Microsoft Windows server platforms.