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is the complete solution for companies that want to computerize their marketing, sales and accounting process.

Developed entirely for Windows platform, novaGest provides a simple and powerful multi-document graphical interface, aided by an effective control panel through which you can activate all the features of the application. In this way, from the first use, the user is able to move between the options available with confidence and timeliness, minimizing the required learning time.

The modularity of novaGest is its greatest strength: the entire system is divided into several modules, each of which can be activated individually. In doing so, we were able to achieve an application that manages to get the best out of the business reality with which it interacts, without exposing the functionality, information and interfaces that would never be used. In this way, each company will be able to buy only the modules it actually needs, obtaining the best solution at the lowest price.

For some of our solutions, the “Light” version is also available, which weighs, at a very low cost, the use of the same features as the parent product in the management of small business activities.

Soluzioni Novagest

Versione StandardVersione LightShop
Soluzione Agente RemotoSoluzione Agente RemotoAcquista
Soluzione Agenzianon prevista
Soluzione Agenzia Pubblicitarianon prevista
Soluzione Carburantinon prevista
Soluzione Edicolanon prevista
Soluzione Fatturazionenon prevista
Soluzione MagazzinoSoluzione Magazzino
Soluzione MarketSoluzione Market
Soluzione ModaSoluzione ModaAcquista
Soluzione OrtofruttaSoluzione Ortofrutta
Soluzione RistorazioneSoluzione Ristorazione
Soluzione Tabacchinon prevista
Soluzione TelemarketingSoluzione Telemarketing
Soluzioni Novagest