NovaGest also runs your own business!

The software becomes modular and management becomes easier, faster and cheaper.

NovaGest is a modular professional management program. All modules can be matched to each other to make the software suitable for your company's actual needs.

NovaGest allows an easy and powerful management of the most varied activities such as: computer science, food, construction, hardware store, bookshops, clothing/shoes, bars/ice cream parlours, etc.

NovaGest modules, which can be purchased and matched, include:

  • Warehouse: for complete warehouse management, issue of DDT, invoices, quotes, orders, loads, etc. Printing price lists, multi-manager management, barcode labels, lot management/serial numbers
  • Warehouse/Cuts & Colors: The management is identical to that of the warehouse but has as an add-on the management of the sizes and colors of the items.
  • Selling at the counter: to manage the sale at the counter (also via touch screen) also interface the cash register. This module also includes the Size & Colors module for clothing and footwear trading activities
  • Contacts: integrates the service management functions for technical and repair laboratories in general, the management of contracts (timed and/or with uptime to climb), to the management of construction sites for construction companies and craftsmen such as electricians, plumbers, etc.
  • Expiration: For the management of deadlines, payments, first note, chart of accounts, rebala issuance and printing of the verification balance. The module also integrates all the accounting part for Sammarinesi companies
  • E-commerce: the ideal tool to start your business on the web quickly and at a minimum cost.



The heart of your warehouse management system

Form description:
The warehouse module is at the heart of the system. From here, the issuance of all documents such as bubbles, accompanying and deferred invoices, tax receipts and non-tax receipts is handled. Sales orders and vendors are also handled, from an unlimited number of warehouses with their custom price lists and loads.

Key features:

  • Detailed item master data
  • Managing an almost unlimited number of price lists
  • Integrated management of multiple warehouses and outlets
  • Issuing quotes and orders (customers and suppliers)
  • DDT issue, Accompanying and Deferred Invoices
  • Inventory loads from DDT and vendor invoices
  • Product BOM management
  • Serial number management, lots.
  • Barcode management and custom label printing
  • Instantly view inventory availability
  • Immediate display of under-paged and reordered products
  • Easy and customizable system for document generation (converts from quote to order, order to DTT, DDT to deferred invoice, etc.)
  • Ability to be implemented via the counter sales module / sizes & colors
  • Online support
  • Economic and quantitative statistics

Who it's for:
Any type of commercial company or service company that wants to manage its warehouse or billing in a simple but advanced way.

Selling at the counter

Perfect integration between over-the-counter sales and warehouse management

Form description:
Cash sales management is done through a dedicated novaGest module that allows all business activities to combine the benefits of a powerful warehouse management program with a fast and lean sales system. The module allows you to make sales with the relevant unloading of the warehouse in real time. novaGest is also compatible with some of the largest brands of cash registers on the market allowing the direct printing of the receipt on the tax register at the end of the sale. You can also manage merchandise recalls (with related inventory top-up), loyalty card management, associate sales with customer master data, and more. The system can be associated with any barcode reader and on the network.

Key features:

  • Cash sales system integrated with warehouse management
  • Serial interface to the cash register (Indesit/Ditron – RCH, Distribution Systems, Sarema)
  • Generate total or partial sales statistics for the day
  • Ability to associate retail sales with customer master data
  • Managing serial numbers and retail batches (ideal for IT and telephony stores)
  • Reading and printing barcodes
  • Ability to create barcodes for items that do not have (and print labels)
  • Collection of goods and replacement
  • Instantly view inventory availability
  • Immediate display of under-paged and reordered products
  • All print modules already integrated



Who it's for:
Any type of commercial company that sells at the checkout. To date, the most diverse types of companies use NovaGest for retail: IT stores, telephony, clothing (with size and color module), convenience stores, sporting goods, tobacco, fuel distributors, etc.



Size & Colors Management

Fundamental for those who need to manage the warehouse better

Form description:
NovaGest's size and color management module has been conceived and refined thanks to the valuable collaboration of clothing and footwear entrepreneurs. This synergy has allowed to create a particularly flexible, easy module that well meets the needs of those who have to work with clothing or footwear products.
The size and color management is done by inserting identification tables of the size scale and colors that make it very easy to insert new products. This is also in situations where hundreds of sizes or thousands of different colors are handled.
When new goods arrive, you can save time on the warehouse load and add additional control over the actual goods you receive. For all items, you can then print the labels with barcodes for the product by identifying the size and color precisely.

Key features that are added to those of the Bubble and invoice warehouse form:

  • Size & Color System integrated with warehouse and cash sales management
  • Size & Color Manager using customizable tables
  • Line and season management
  • Fast loading system for new arrivals and re-replenishments
  • Barcode management
  • Ability to create barcodes for items that do not have (and print labels)
  • Extreme ease in identifying variants available in store and warehouse
  • Immediate display of under-resourced products that you need to re-replenish


Who it's for:
To all businesses that need to manage the warehouse or retail store with a management of items in size and color. The module fits perfectly both to the needs of the wholesaler by combining the module with the management of the warehouse for printing bubbles and invoices, and to the shopkeeper by matching it with the system of sale at the checkout.



NovaGest e-commerce

You won't believe your eyes

From today NovaGest permanently opens the world of e-commerce to everyone. Today, a complete and fully integrated e-commerce solution with management is no longer within the reach of large companies with huge budgets.

First of all: simplicity and time savings

One of the main advantages is the seamless integration between local database and website. Any local operation can be easily transferred to the web (and vice versa).
For example, just update the prices on the management to see them updated even on the site (without risking getting it wrong or forgetting), the photos are associated, resized and uploaded to the web server automatically, the orders received enter directly on the management and with a single click are converted into orders to be fulfilled. Customers will be recognized and applied to them the relevant purchase lists (ideal for both retail and wholesale).
The management of shipments and costs is carried out through a dedicated and specially designed procedure: also for couriers and shipping services. The marked payments are always under control with a procedure for checking and managing receipts.


General features of the e-commerce module

  • Manageable areas (create/edit/delete) directly from the user
  • Custom lists per customer exactly as set on the management (each customer displays their price list!)
  • Automated photo management and resizing
  • Manage independent news for each area of the site with direct article tab links
  • Ability to show inventory.
  • For each historical customer of orders, DDT and invoices on the web for and ability to request generation in PDF format
  • Ability to specify for each user the types of privileges granted (can order, see availability, etc.)
  • Showcase product management, news and offers


Management features and product sheet

  • Ability to create custom links between various products and display them dynamically on product cards (e.g. printer connected to color cartridge and vice versa or similar products, alternative products, products that complete the offer etc .
  • Price management for price scales (if you buy 1 piece costs 10 euros, if you buy 2 to 5 pieces it costs 8 euros, etc.)
  • Detailed textual description
  • Ability to create data tables associated with the product category
  • Ability to insert a product into multiple areas
  • Ability to request to be notified when the product becomes available or changes in price
  • Ability to see when a product is not available and in order from the supplier will arrive and in what quantity


Cart, shipping and collection costs

  • Choosing the customer-associated type or payment types and automatically recalculating collection costs
  • Automatic shipping expense management
  • Managing collection expenses




Basic accounting.

Simple management of internal accounting.

The Basic Accounting module allows you to monitor cash and bank flows, through a series of procedures with simple and immediate use. In particular, when purchasing this form activates:


  • Active and passive schedule management
  • Automatic maturity generation directly from the dues associated with each payment (multiple quota management, even mixed)

Receipts and payments

  • Simplified cash and bank flow management
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of cash or bank accounts
  • Causal management
  • Importing payments directly from the schedule
  • Automatic connection between payments and deadlines
  • Managing even partial maturities payments

Riba Distincts

  • Steps for creating and managing RiBa BOMs
  • Generating standard files for presentation electronically (on diskette or via home banking system)
  • Automatic import of deadlines from the deadline