Network infrastructure

The exponential growth in the use of new technologies together with the increasing competitiveness of companies in the global market has increased the need for an increasingly flexible, reliable and secure network infrastructure.

In this context, Novatica strives to better meet the needs of its customers by developing customized and customizable solutions capable of integrating into the existing information system in a transparent and secure way. By analyzing the needs of the customer, Novatica will design the correct technological and logistics infrastructure to best meet them with the budget in mind.

Networking Offer

With this in mind, Novatica can provide Local Area Network (LAN), Man (Metropolitan Area Network) or Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions depending on the geographical dislocation of the nodes involved within the designed infrastructure and the required scalability needs.

Where necessary, it will also be possible to implement real corporate intranets, possibly implemented through Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, capable of sharing quickly, reliably and, above all, securely the entire company's information assets.

In turn, each of the solutions seen above can be made more functional by integrating into it a whole range of communication services (fax servers, print servers, etc.) or resource sharing (web server, ftp server, file sharing server, etc.).