Having advanced technologies to deliver solutions that are appropriate for individual projects is a primary goal that Novatica pursues with constant commitment. Choosing the right tools, experimenting with new technologies means exceeding your limits and increasing your skills.

This “philosophy” allows Novatica to update its know-how and master advanced technological infrastructure.

Thanks to open source resources, Novatica is able to integrate medium/small business solutions so far destined for the world of large companies, ensuring security, scalability, performance and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).


Data Management Systems

From a data management system, Novatica demands maximum reliability and scalability, preferring cross-platform systems, in order to realize flexible and technologically complex solutions.

  • PostgreSQL DBMS »
  • Firebird DBMS »
  • Oracle DBMS »
  • MySQL »
  • Microsoft SQL Server »

Web development

Speed, reliability, portability and security are the watchwords of Novatica in the field of Web development.

  • JavaScript »
  • PHP »
  • ASP »

Application development

Novatica uses the most established and secure technologies on the market for the development of software applications.

  • C » / C++ »
  • XML »
  • ODBC
  • SQL