Company and values

Novatica engineering was born in 2006 from the common will of a group of professionals, operating in the Information Technology sector, to create a modern and efficient structure that had the primary objective of providing companies with high quality and high content IT services and solutions technological.

Following the innovations of the sector, Novatica engineering bases its work on skill and passion, focusing its activity on the conception and realization of innovative solutions that put information technology at the service of entrepreneurial activities.

In 2012, Novatica Engineering, in the context of a reorganization and in order to better define the corporate objectives, becomes part of the group of which Omnia Management srl is the leader.


The main objective of Novatica engineering is the constant evolution of its products hand in hand with the demands of the modern company, combining the continuous technological research with the passion and the desire to achieve ever more ambitious and rewarding goals.

Novatica engineering therefore proposes itself as a strategic partner of small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in the development of their business, both by offering a series of technologically complex applications and by designing, implementing and integrating innovative solutions to the problems of individual companies.

Consulting and management of services in the IT area are the other two levers with which Novatica engineering supports the development of entrepreneurial activities.


As part of a more complete offer, and with the intention of offering ever more effective services, our new e-commerce portal NovaShop is online where you can find a wide range of products from the leading brands in the sector with proposals and offers. able to meet the needs of customers increasingly demanding and attentive to market trends.